24 June 2011 @ 11:33 am
Download: Mariella  

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Mariella is a small batch of retextured dresses based of a dress from OhBehave. There are 13 retextures in total, with leggings or no leggings. The patterns are the same for either one. :) Mesh is included in all folders, as well as preview pictures and a swatch. All files should be properly tooltipped and labeled. :)

OhBehave (and check out her original dresses :))
Trapping for textures
Spoonflower + Squidfingers for textures
Aelia for the legging textures
Liana for mesh
Mega thanks to all the lovely people that gave me tips and suggestions for these! :D Y'all rock. :)

Mariella - Everyday Only.:.Mariella - Everyday + Formal.:.Mariella - Everyday Only (leggings).:.Mariella - Everyday + Formal (leggings)