04 February 2017 @ 04:29 pm
ts4: random  
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Hello friends and happy new year! Here are some random ts4 pictures to welcome in the new year.

Hi! Happy 2017. These pictures are about a year old but I felt like sharing something and since I'm on the mac side, this is it.
Anyways, this is Lany Ghost and Electra Beacon (purple & teal) and their story before they were lost in a purge i think idk :)
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their height difference is precious

 photo 01-20-16_100908nbspPM.png

 photo 01-20-16_101000nbspPM.png

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 photo 01-20-16_101022nbspPM.png

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 photo 01-20-16_101139nbspPM.png

 photo 01-20-16_101236nbspPM.png
i think this means she is sick and she got sick in the middle of their wedding and ngl i wanted to claw my skin off i hate whatever this is

 photo 01-20-16_101258nbspPM.png

 photo 04-10-16_13036nbspPM.png

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 photo 04-10-16_93629nbspPM.png

 photo 06-12-16_121056nbspAM.png
and that's it!! sorry there was no commentary just a bunch of pics but i honestly forgot everything that happened. i think their son was named miles and their daughter was charlette but idk. i just felt like sharing! have a great day xx
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carisma_sensei[personal profile] carisma_sensei on June 1st, 2017 12:06 pm (UTC)
This makes me miss Sims 4 so much! Those are lovely sims and pictures :D What's going on with the height difference? :0
And I love the short turquoise bob so much ♥
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