19 August 2016 @ 11:49 pm
pictures: random ts4 sim pics  

a smol post of ts4 sim pics; i've shared these over at tumblr a while ago but i'd like them here too. it's kind of fun creating sims for a hood that i'll never do. /shrug

alex. i imagine alex to be a nonbinary sim-they have a little more ~feminine~ shape but prefer much more masculine things. and they're so adorable, i love their little goatee. (and they're a goth too lmao)

penelope starrider. i'm pretty sure she's a geek and clumsy and probably binge watches shit like star (sim?) wars and documentaries on space on her spare time.

cassidy. my tall gay space alien who is a cheerful, good, and geeky sim. i want to hug her and take her everywhere w/ me

anyways! not much going on sims-wise, just occ making some sims in ts4 and maybe going to play the dressys soon? i have been playing a lot of co-op with dying light tho and that's a lot of fun, plus some pokemon and getting ready for some new skyrim and pokemon soon, so we'll see. and oh yes, working myself into the ground. hope everyone is having a wonderful august and have a great weekend!
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